5asidechess Loves Morecambe Fringe

5aC Loves…The Morecambe Fringe

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We met Matt Panesh at the Edinburgh Fringe. “Come to Morecambe on your way down.”

So we did.

The Morecambe Fringe is Matt’s baby. He’s coddled it up into his Alt Space shop on Yorkshire road. “We are just planting the acorns,” he says.

5asidechess morecambe fringe
Photo Via The Visitor

It’s inspiring to see. We are doing the same with 5asideCHESS. Our acorn is connection.

Matt and the guys in Morecambe run workshops and events all through the year, before the big show from September 1st-9th. There are lots of words and lots of creativity. In a town that holds a strange peeling beauty, the Morecambe Fringe is a lick of varnish. There is no great plan to cover up what makes Morecambe Morecambe. This is not some Gastro pub exercise ripping out the heart and replacing it with table numbers.

Here is a group of people asking the town to look at itself. And they are. It does. They varnish.

Morecambe: The Fringe, Paul and Staring at Walls

Some nights you can hear spoken word coming out of Yorkshire road, or a playwright testing lines. There’s performance art workshops and nights where people just tell stories.

So we say bravo to the Morecambe Fringe and, of course, that the 5asideCHESS nights aren’t bad either.

You can find out more about the Morecambe Fringe on Facebook or Twitter. 


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