The Battling Suicide Bus Tour

The Battling Suicide Bus has been on the road since the summer of 2018 visiting towns, cities, universities and workplaces all around the UK in a battle against loneliness, social isolation and the mental health problems these issues cause. The bus is signed with more than 300 messages to those lost to suicide – tangible evidence of the devastating ripples caused when someone takes their own life. The bus carries a simple message, urging people to check up on the people they care about. This is so important given how many of the messages people have written on the bus are along the theme of ‘I just wish we had talked’ #CHECKONYAMATE 

With people isolated at home, the #CHECKONYAMATE message is more important than ever. Isolation causes loneliness; loneliness causes depression; depression and mental health problems can lead to suicide. If we want to avoid the suicide rate going up, WE NEED TO KEEP TALKING.