Doing the 25

‘Doing the 25’ is a journey of connection and personal self discovery. The 5asideCHESS set is a simple tool to help people meet new people, to have meaningful encounters, broaden perspectives, find purpose, maintain and improve mental health and wellbeing and in the process, to help others and to help reconnect our society. The idea couldn’t be simpler and yet couldn’t be more important:

How to become a 5asideCHESS Master by ‘Doing the 25’

Get hold of a 5asideCHESS board and a ‘wanna play’ table talker

Take your board to a cafe, library, care home, bar, school…….anywhere you are going to meet people. Set your board and table talker up and offer to play.

If you both know how to play, great, go for it. If you know how and they don’t, teach them. If you don’t know how then ask someone to teach you.

Record who you played and where on your 5asideCHESS Master form

Every five games you play you will receive a question to help you reflect on your personal journey and what you are learning about yourself, others and about life

Play 20 people plus teach 5 people over whatever time period you choose

Receive your 5asideCHESS Master medal which you can wear as a dog tag or put on your keyring.

Further levels of the journey can also be achieved- 

100 games = 5asideCHESS International Master         500 games = 5asideCHESS Grand Master

Download the form here 5asideCHESS Master Course

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