Doing the 25

Doing the 25 is all about getting out and making new connections by playing 25 different people. In normal times we encourage those doing the 25 to take their set out to public spaces such as a library, cafe or park and to meet and play different people. It may lead to a brief moment of interaction, a different perspective to your own which makes you think or it may lead to a lifelong friendship – you won’t know until you try. 

At the moment many people are feeling more isolated than ever and whilst we all have to be mindful of maintaining physical distancing it has never been more important that we remain connected. If you’re not able to play face to face games then we are encouraging playing games on digital platforms such as zoom or over the phone and ‘do the 25’ that way. There are some people who have had to self isolate for several months, who have been playing 5asideCHESS with each other over the phone a couple of moves a night, with a game taking a few days. It’s given them a reason to make contact each day – it’s sometimes hard to find things just to chat about if you haven’t been anywhere or done anything – and also rather than watching constant, depressing news, they’ve been using their time positively during the day to consider their next moves. More than one person has credited this activity with getting them through lockdown.  

Download the 5asideCHESS master course via the link below and you can get started on your journey. You can download a board from the site or you can purchase our #helpYOURself programme which includes a cardBOARD penny PIECE set, 30 step life skills journey and a personally engraved medal when you have completed your 25 games.

‘Doing the 25’ is a journey of connection and personal self discovery. The 5asideCHESS set is a simple tool to help people meet new people, to have meaningful encounters, broaden perspectives, find purpose, maintain and improve mental health and wellbeing and in the process, to help others and to help reconnect our society. The idea couldn’t be simpler and yet couldn’t be more important.

How to become a 5asideCHESS Master by ‘Doing the 25’

  • Get hold of a 5asideCHESS board and a ‘wanna play’ table talker. There are several different types of set that you can buy via this site or you can download a paper version as well.
  • TIf you are able to do so, take your board to a cafe, library, care home, bar, school…….anywhere you are going to meet people. Set your board and table talker up and offer to play. If you can’t play face to face, then play people over the phone or via an online platform. 
  • If you both know how to play, great, go for it. If you know how and they don’t, teach them. If you don’t know how then ask someone to teach you.
  • Record who you played and where on your 5asideCHESS Master form
  • If you are doing the 5asideCHESS #HELPyourSELF programme, then take the time to reflect on all of the life skills on the journey as you play your games.
  • Play 20 people plus teach 5 people over whatever time period you choose
  • Receive your 5asideCHESS Master medal which you can wear as a dog tag or put on your keyring.

Further levels of the journey can also be achieved- 

100 games = 5asideCHESS International Master         500 games = 5asideCHESS Grand Master

Download the form here 5asideCHESS Master Course