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Each week 5asideCHESS introduces you to a likeminded project. Connection is everything to us, and bringing a group of Game Changing projects together is one of our big goals for 2019.  If you know of someone doing something great let us know at Hello@5asidechess.com

It’s hard to convince people you don’t want anything back from them, but that’s exactly the problem Matt Austin and his family face with their Banana Crumble Project.

Here is a website dedicated to ‘Positive News’ stories. They run a prize draw, aimed this month (March) at students, that offers a cash prize in exchange for a smile.

You can become a Member and find out more here. 

Banana Chat – meet Ryan Child

We first met the Banana Crumble guys at the start of the first Battling Suicide Tour. They ran an article telling their readers about what 5asideCHESS was about to embark on. None of us could have guessed what happened next, but it was brilliant they could see something right at the start.

That anecdotal evidence alone shows what this family run charity are all about. Giving people a chance and pushing to bring projects trying to do good across the country together. In other words, building connections, which is an ethos we definitely share at 5asideCHESS.

If you forget to claim your prize with Banana Crumble it goes into the pot for their charity of the year. They recently donated A pot of £5,000 to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. 

banana crumble charity 5asidechess

You can see plenty of good news stories at Bananacrumble.co.uk, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Matthew Austin, Chief Banana, said: 

banana crumble charity 5asidechess

Banana Crumble is a company trying to help students in a variety of positive ways. We want to give people starting up a business a chance to advertise with us at rates much lower than they would with other companies.
We want people to have a place where they can write features to promote their own ventures and inspiring stories so they can raise the profile of that they are doing. We want to give people the chance to feature personal projects and give them exposure be it an event, project, charity or even just an idea. The only caveat we have is that things must be positive!!! Getting someone to take a risk with a new company or a new venture is always really hard and we want to help as many people as we can.
On top of these opportunities we want to prove that today’s youngsters are not all bad and that good and positive things really do happen. On top of that we want to give people the chance to win a weekly cash prize, also to give them an opportunity to win a monthly competition that we run and oh on top of that raise money for charity!! This year our charity is The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and we raised £5000 for them last year. If you have an event to promote why not let us know and you can be our inspirational person of the week and get to promote your event.
This is a win win for all students, no fee, no catch, a chance to win free cash each week, a chance to promote your own things and an opportunity to raise money for charity. There is absolutely nothing to lose! Sign up at  Banana Crumble is trying to prove that things are not necessarily too good to be true!!


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