5aC Loves…The Life Rooms

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We stumbled upon The Life Rooms during our last Battling Suicide Tour. Actually we met Neil Tunstall, the Operations Manager, at a Wigan Warriors game and he invited us to come over to Walton, Liverpool.

What we found was an amazing space.

The Power of Space

This centre for learning, recovery, health and wellbeing was built more than 100 years ago,  commissioned as a library by the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. And, after a significant refurbishment by Mersey Care, this domed building is once again at the heart of the Walton community.

The Life Rooms Mersey Care 5asidechess
Image via Mersey Care

All sorts of courses are available, many of them aimed at helping people better their mental health. You can see some of the work they are doing on The Liferooms facebook page here.

the life rooms 5asidechess

There’s no doubt the aesthetic beauty of The Liferooms has a significant effect on the people that visit. There’s an uplifting feeling when you’re trying to push forward in your life and, rather than an old dusty room, you’re sitting under beams of natural light. Where the walls aren’t flaking and the dust hasn’t settled on another form you have to fill out.

Here you feel the hard work that was put into the fine detail of the dome. There is a sense that the people that refurbished it cared. It’s inspiring and it makes a huge difference. We hope the 5asideCHESS boards at The Life Rooms can add to that feeling.

the life rooms 5asidechess
Making some more table talkers on tour.

The Liferooms is a credit to the North West, the NHS and the people that work and visit every day.

Michael Crilly, Mersey Care’s Director of Social Inclusion and Participation, said something really significant that is still true today.

“Carnegie believed a beautiful building would lift people’s spirits, give them hope and provide a horizon of learning on which to move forward in life.”


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