5asidechess master course

You can be a 5asideCHESS Master!

A 5asideCHESS Master is a Community Champion, connecting with people from all differant backgrounds. If you would like to enter the course just contact us today.

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We believe in connection here at 5asideCHESS more than anything, but it comes down to us as individuals to go out and engage with each other.

The 5asideCHESS Master Course is a great way of doing that.

How does it work?

You simply go out with a 5asideCHESS board and play 25 games. (Most games take less than 5 minutes, so the 25 is a really achievable target). Along the way our Masters add up the ‘Years Of Wisdom’ gained from the interactions, as well as any pictures they fancy taking to record the games.

Play 20                                                                                                       Teach 5

5asidechess          5asidechess


Once you have played 20 people and taught 5 you can apply for your 5asideCHESS award by sending your completed sheet plus a diary or video log to ryan@5asidechess.com

5asidechess master course 5asidechess master course

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