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The African and Arabic inspired design. 200 sets only – £55.00

The distinctive 5asideCHESS yellow and black 5 x 6 has been patterned with a subtle

traditional African Chitenge created by Alexandra Waldron to celebrate her 3 month

volunteering Mission in Zambia during 2019. Alex raised funds to complete her INCS

certificate with the VSO visiting schools where she taught, played and presented a

number of schools In Serenje with sets all this alongside her main volunteering duties

teaching sexual Health education.

The traditional 8 x 8 board design has been covered with a striking and colourful

Arabic inspired tessellation. This unique and playable image was created by textile

Designer Heidi Muragh-Smith as part of her textile design degree course at Cardiff

University where she was awarded a 1st. Heidi submitted a number of designs before

her final flower design was selected. The floor of the new mosque in Mill Road,

Cambridge (opened in 2019) was part of her inspiration.