Parents/Coaches page

During this time of Covid-19 and beyond 5asideCHESS juniors aims to support children in interacting with their friends from school or clubs (and maybe make new ones), as well as distant/elder family, around a fun & intellectually stimulating game which promotes a healthier use of technology to interact with each other. The 5 a side chess game is a fun, simplified version of the classic game, which is easy for everyone to learn, but provides valuable thinking and planning skills for sports and life.

The aim is not to find winners and the best players, but to encourage plenty of interaction. Kids can develop to a ‘grand master’ by playing lots of games with different people, rather being encouraged & rewarded just for winning.

Each child will initially aim to complete 25 games with as many different friends and family as possible, we’d suggest this would happen via Zoom or a simulate video chat service. Parental support will be needed.

To complete their 25 our chess kits can be printed out, or existing chess sets can easily be customised. Instructions on to do this is included in the ‘How to guide’. If any parent is not able to print and set up a set, we will be happy to provide one by post. As an upgrade option, a custom set from 5asidechess is available to purchased online and will be posted.

Once the kids are set up with a set to play on, they begin their journey of leaning this fun version of chess. We will provide both Zoom and pre-recorded lessons to support their learning, however the best learning comes from playing and interacting with each other, gaining experience from playing the game as well as sharing tactics.

On completing their first 25 games, certificates of achievement will be available for download and printing. In addition, trophies will be available for purchase for the increased ranks as each child progresses.

To sign up your child or club please email with their name and your contact information.