Day 8 – 5asideCHESS Battling Suicide Bus Tour

Sunshine today which is welcome as it has been in short supply over the last few days.We parked the Battling Suicide Bus up on the seafront in Paignton and enjoyed the gorgeous view. Simon and his wife Bridget made a special trip down to see us and she had a go at playing chess for the first time. Bridget plans to introduce 5asideCHESS on to the cancer wards where she works as a nurse as well as the specialist dementia unit. There is plenty of research on how chess can help with dementia and we have seen this for ourselves too. Some Alzheimer’s patients who struggle to remember the names of their family are still able to remember the moves in chess. Afterwards we headed in to Torquay where we met Helen and James in a coffee shop beside the harbour and had a lively conversation about the lack of connection and free thinking in today’s society.Finally to Exeter where we finish the south west leg of our tour tomorrow. Fingers crossed the sunshine holds.