Day 4 – 5asideCHESS Battling Suicide Bus Tour

Today we spent much of the day in Bideford’s Morrison’s car park courtesy of community champion Claire. We have found after visiting universities, police headquarters, work places etc. that the best place to get real engagement is in a supermarket car park. Linzi and Marie who we met on Saturday came down to see us again and to write their own messages on the Bus. Graham stopped by with his dog – he told us how one of his reasons for having a dog is that as a man, if he went out walking on his own without one, he was viewed with suspicion. Different story when he goes out with his dog – people stop to talk. Bram and Tom stopped by with their skateboards. Initially they were dismissive but 40 minutes later, when they won the game, you could see how chuffed they were with themselves. Street artists, Jaz and Ruth, came over to talk and Jaz added a message to his friend Isaac to the Bus. All very real encounters.