Battling Suicide Tour Schedule

The first leg of the Battling Suicide Tour is all set up, with the 5asideCHESS team starting their journey in Cambridge on July 19th and ending up in Edinburgh on August 1st.

You can contact the team directly today. Click the link.

So where are they in between?

July 19th: 10am -11am Meadows Community Center Cambridge 

The tour kicks off with some inter-generational Chess, some Loneliness-themed poetry and a few words about the tour as Ross and Ryan head off on the Battling Suicide Tour.

July 20th: Braintree and Corby

10am -12pm Braintree Foyer

The foyer in Braintree provides amazing services for young people that need a helping hand from time to time. We will be inviting residents to colour in and customize our artwork that has now been transferred onto a dry wipe surface on the side of the Bus.

5asidechess conversation battling suicide

Afternoon – Corby Mind Sanctuary Cafe

We will be joining the brilliant people at Mind to talk with people using our 5asideCHESS Boards as ‘Icebreakers.’

July 21st – 22nd – Sheffield

The Folk Forest

It’s an all day 5asideCHESS day as we bring the Battling Suicide Tour to Sheffield. Great music, arts, crafts and lovely food should help us spread the message of connectivity in the steel city.

July 23rd – Doncaster

The Doncaster Foyer is one of the sister stations of the guys down in Braintree. Talking to young people is such a vital thing, especially when more young women in their early 20s are taking their own lives than ever before. A few special guests will be joining us. Can you come along as well?

July 24th – York

Chill in the Community is all about bringing people together, so it made sense for us to go along and meet up with some like minded campaigners looking to reinvigorate a sense of community in one of England’s oldest cities.

July 26th – Bishop Auckland

We are planted right in the centre of Bishop Auckland with the battling suicide bus. Our tables and chairs are out and it’s just an informal day chatting with people and playing chess.

July 27th -29th – Durham Folk Weekend

Thanks to the brilliant people at Durham council and Durham Folk Weekend we have our bus parked at Millennium Square from Friday to Sunday.

Week of July 30TH – TBA

The schedule will include Sunderland and Newcastle.

Find out more about 5asideCHESS Here.