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Tips to Beat Anxiety – Rationalise

mental health tips 5asidechess

Words By: Sam Vickery

Anxiety is a p****. It’s something I’ve dealt with on and off since my early 20’s. It would usually just be the pit feeling in my stomach, yet sometimes this would crescendo with a top notch panic attack. However, through time I have learnt to control it as best I could.

Firstly, I decided to control the symptoms. If I started to get short of breath and dizzy, I would take myself away and breathe very slowly and count in my head until my breathing was controlled on its own. Secondly, I had to recognise a lot about myself, including the triggers as to why this was happening, do you hate your girlfriend? (I did) In what situations does it happen?

Once I recognised why I felt the way I did, I could rationalise everything in my head. If I felt nervous being in a large group, I would tell myself they are just people and if I don’t do this it will only impact me. I would also tell myself that I could not let this rule my life and I will rule it – Cheesy? Sure. True? Yes.

In short, learn about your emotional self, recognise when it happens and face it head on. It will be hard but worth it in the end when you’re with your pals having a good time and not staring at a wall each Friday.